How to Print on Envelopes

Today was our last day of school! I am really going to miss my peeps over summer! Before they left I gave each one of my kiddos a stamped, pre-addressed envelope so they can write me over summer!

I got the idea from Miss 5th's Instagram. It took a while to figure out how to print on envelopes so here's a mini how-to so it will take you less time than me to figure out!

I typed mine up Microsoft Word 2016.

Go to "Tools"-->then "Envelopes"-->under Printing Options click "Use custom settings"--> then "custom size." My envelopes were A9 size so I typed in 5.75 for the width and 8.75 for the width.

Next, we need to set up our paper size! For this you will need to go to "File"--> then "Page Setup"--> in Paper Size click "Manage Custom Size." I filled in the size of the envelope and saved it as "A9" so it will be there next time!

Next, I added a text box and added my information!

Figuring out how to feed it through my printer took a few tries but then I got it. <<Sorry I can't help you there :-P>> Overall my kiddos LOVED getting their envelopes and I can't wait to receive their letters over summer! Now that I've figured out how to print on envelopes I plan on doing it all the time!

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