Monday Made It

This week I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It. Check out what I've been up to!

How many of you have one of these bad boys in your classroom? I'm sure we all have one of these in some size in our class. I hate that it's white and looks boring. I wanted to give it some pizzazz so I spray painted it! It's so easy to do I just had to share!

Step 1: Empty out the drawers and if it's on wheels, tape them up so they stay black. 

Step 2: Take it outside on place it on something so it doesn't stay on your driveway my project last year....

Step 4: Let it dry, and paint more coats as needed.

Step 5: Sand it down if it's bumpy.

Step 6: Be super proud of your work!

Make sure the spray paint you use has primer in it, or that it is made for plastic. This will make sure it does not peel or scratch!

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  1. I love the pop of color it gives you! Also- great color choice! :-)

    The Land of I Can

  2. So smart. I've never thought about painting mine, but I just might have to now! :)Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

  3. I was wondering when I was cleaning up my room last month if they could be painted! I have very little storage in my room, so I have about 10 of them, all white. I am totally going to do this. It will make a world of difference in my room. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That looks awesome! I definitely need to do that to some of mine!
    Endeavors in Education

  5. Everything in the kit looks fun!

  6. Oh my gosh what a fabulous idea!!!! I have so many of these drawers in different sizes. I know what I will be doing before school starts!!! (I am a new follower!)
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond

  7. I love that idea! I have a bunch of supply boxes with white tops that are starting to look a little rough. I might spray paint the lids instead of buying new ones. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Love this and the color! I have a couple ugly white drawers that need this! Thanks!


  9. Great idea. I have a few of those carts that don't match my colors anymore....I need to paint them but right now they are buried deep in one of my closets at school:/ Have to wait until I can get in there and grab them:) Thanks for linking up:)
    4th Grade Frolics

  10. Love the blue paint! Now I am going to attempt to paint my little roller cart pink or green! :) Thanks for the inspiration. I am paired up with you for SLANTbox this month! Can't wait!!

    Funky in Fourth


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