It Really IS a Magic Eraser!

Oh my goodness! Ya'll are about to LOVE me! Seriously...

How many of you use a sharpie to write on your laminated school stuff? I do! I hate how dry erase markers always wipe off so easily so I use a sharpie to label things after I laminate them. I used to use rubbing alcohol and paper towels to try to get off the sharpie so I could reuse my materials. This method took FOREVER and it didn't get the sharpie completely off. Well good news, I found a new way to get off the sharpie...COMPLETELY!

Say hello to Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser!

Step 1: Wet sponge

Step 2: Put a little bit of muscle in it and rub across

Step 3: Dry

TA DAHHHH!!! I still cannot believe what an AMAZING job it did! 

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