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Monday Made It

This week I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It. Check out what I've been up to!

How many of you have one of these bad boys in your classroom? I'm sure we all have one of these in some size in our class. I hate that it's white and looks boring. I wanted to give it some pizzazz so I spray painted it! It's so easy to do I just had to share!

Step 1: Empty out the drawers and if it's on wheels, tape them up so they stay black. 

Step 2: Take it outside on place it on something so it doesn't stay on your driveway my project last year....

Step 4: Let it dry, and paint more coats as needed.

Step 5: Sand it down if it's bumpy.

Step 6: Be super proud of your work!

Make sure the spray paint you use has primer in it, or that it is made for plastic. This will make sure it does not peel or scratch!

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It Really IS a Magic Eraser!

Oh my goodness! Ya'll are about to LOVE me! Seriously...

How many of you use a sharpie to write on your laminated school stuff? I do! I hate how dry erase markers always wipe off so easily so I use a sharpie to label things after I laminate them. I used to use rubbing alcohol and paper towels to try to get off the sharpie so I could reuse my materials. This method took FOREVER and it didn't get the sharpie completely off. Well good news, I found a new way to get off the sharpie...COMPLETELY!

Say hello to Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser!

Step 1: Wet sponge

Step 2: Put a little bit of muscle in it and rub across

Step 3: Dry

TA DAHHHH!!! I still cannot believe what an AMAZING job it did! 

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The End of a Great Year!

I cannot believe I am done with my first year of teaching! I had such a great year! I am going to miss my kiddies so much but am excited to have the summer to plan for next year. 

When my kids came into class on the last day of school I was wearing my graduation cap and gown and had the graduation march playing.

I made these gifts and had them on the students' desk when they came in on Friday. They were a big hit! I got them at the Dollar Tree and they also came with a little net and tweezers...for a DOLLAR!

If you like the card leave a comment with your e-mail and I can send it to ya!

So long kiddies! See ya in August!