Same Old Spelling...NOT!

I LOVE to play practical jokes on my class. I love hearing them laugh and seeing them smile! I decided to give them a fake spelling test during the last few days of school. I told them these were spelling words they know and that I had to give it to them to make sure they were ready for 3rd grade...
1. rip
2. up
3. your
4. test
5. and
6. throw
7. it
8. away

Oh it was HILARIOUS! One girl started to read her words aloud to make sure she spelled them correctly. She read through the list, once, then twice, then looked at a friend and had her listen as she read them, slowly I could see the wheels turning in their head...Then they looked at me... I smiled....and the class erupted in laughter and cheers! I wish I had videoed it. I will never forget that moment! The kids started laughing and cheering as they ripped up their exam! 

Let's just say their last spelling test was a BIG success!

I need more ideas! Do you play fun practical jokes on your class?


  1. I gave my kiddos a pop quiz about midway through the year. In the directions it stated that they should read through the entire test before completing any of the questions (because they all do that right?). The last problem said, "now that you have read through the entire test, put your name on the top and take a nap." I only had two kiddos actually read the entire thing before completing the test. Some of the problems were hilarious like stand and say your name 5 times with increasing volume, poke three holes in your paper, rip off the top left corner of your paper and place it on your head, etc. I was so surprised that my kiddos didn't realize that it was a joke! The two that read all the way through were having a hard time not laughing at their classmates doing all of these random things!!

    Funky in Fourth

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