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Spring into Math FREEBIE!

I am so excited! My math packet is finally done! My class has been loving these work stations and I know your students will too! The class spends the last 20 minutes of math doing work stations. All of stations in the packets are all skills that they have already learned. They get their station, get their partner and work together to solve the problems. I have no included an answer key for them to check their answers at the end. 

I teach the 2nd grade Accelerated Math Class. This means that we only do 3rd grade SOLs. This packet is great for your 2nd grade advanced students, 3rd grade students, or 4th grade students who still need practice on these skills.

Since I am so excited about completing this packet, I am giving it away for FREE for a limited time! Follow my blog on Bloglovin AND blogger, and shoot me an email and I will send it to ya!

April Fools!

"Who wants a brownie?!?"


"Here ya go!"

*insert look of confusion*


Don't worry the kids liked it and got even more excited when I gave them one to trick their parents and siblings :)