My Teacher GO Bag

To say that this was a crazy week would be an understatement. This past week my school had it's first ever bomb threat. What was scarier was that it was not only our school, but 10 other schools in our district. When the principal came on the loudspeaker telling us to leave the building and go to that spot my stomach dropped. We only go there when it's an emergency.

The entire staff was amazing. It was as if we had practiced for this a million times. Everyone was calm, everyone got out quickly and waited for instructions.

After searching our school, and all the others in the city, nothing was found. They caught the man a few days later and charged him with over 20 felonies.

After this happened I put together my own "GO Bag." It sits within an arms length of my desk ready for me to grab should we ever need to GO out of the building right away.

I keep the following things in it:

  • an extra copy of each students emergency medical form
  • my schools crisis manual
  • activities for my students to do
  • pencils
  • paper

I hope I never need it, but if I do I think I have everything I would need. 

What do you guys think? Good idea? Or am I just being paranoid?

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