Welcome to the Academic Olympics!

Welcome to the Academic Olympics! If you know me, you know I like to do things BIG! I also LOVE a good theme :) The Winter Olympics have inspired me to do my own version I have called the Academic Olympics!

Here is how it works. I have divided my class into 5 teams. Each team represents a different country. When we kicked off the Olympics I showed a Smartboard lesson explaining the Olympics and we learned about their different countries. Since I teach 2nd Grade this is the first one they will really remember. It wasn't until after I did the lesson and showed some clips of past Olympics that they got excited. At first they just looked at me like I was crazy :) 

Each team has their flag on the front of their desk...
In room 108 we have Team Great Britain, Team China, Team Sweden, Team Russia and Team Canada. I picked teams that I thought they would see on TV and purposefully did not assign anyone Team USA because they ALL would have wanted to be on that team...DUH!

I have assigned each subject a sport...
Then I will average the teams scores for that subject at the end of the week to see who gets gold, silver and bronze. I will place the flag of that team under the medal. We needed to watch clips of each sport because they had no idea what some of them were. It was so cute watching their eyes light up!

Then since I like to do things BIG I went all out in decorating my room...

I got all of the decorations from Party City and bought little trophies, medals and pencils from Oriental Trading. So far the kids have LOVED it! 
Have you been doing anything Olympic themed in your classroom? I'd love to hear about it!


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