Raise Your Hand If You're Irish

Growing up my family spent a lot of time in upstate New York at my grandparents cabin. To get to this little piece of heaven on earth we drove 4 hours off Long Island, through the city and through many small towns to get to our cabin nestled in the Catskill Mountains. One town we passed through was very proud of their Irish heritage. I cant tell you the name of it because I don't remember it other than it being, "Irish Town." 

One time on the way up to the cabin driving through this town my dad said, "Raise your hand if your Irish!" 

Three hands shot up. My dad's, my brothers and mine. My mom just looked at my dad and rolled her eyes. 

I remember my brother calling from the backseat saying, "Mom...raise your hand!"

My mom went on to explain that she couldn't raise her hand because she was not Irish, and that we were Irish because our dad was Irish. 

Well, that was just too much for poor little K to handle. He burst into tears exclaiming, "Mom, I want to be what YOU are!"
Clearly, to this day we find this story hilarious and constantly torment remind my brother of it. 

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!

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